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Setting up or rebuilding a website for your small business can sometimes feel like a daunting task. It might have been 4 or 5 years since you launched your last website and things have certainly changed! Every web design agency you talk to seems to speak a different language and the budgets/proposals offered are not easy to compare. You may be tempted to go down the DIY route or to set up a template website, this is likely to be time-consuming and could be a costly mistake.

Let help to grow your business with our super friendly and easy web design process. Our small business websites are packed full of the design quality, technical build and features you would expect to see from national brands. We will do the heavy lifting leaving you to focus your time and energy on your business. We will save you time, energy and £’s!


Web design approach

We have been building websites for clients of all shapes and sizes for more than 16 years.  In that time many things have changed and our experience has grown with each project. We have worked with small businesses and we have worked with large national brands. is brought to you by b:web (who can be found at at , specialists in designing and developing bespoke websites for national brands.

Our small business specialty is drawn from our experience of working with much larger business. We have built large database websites, social media platforms, eCommerce solutions, payment checkouts, client portals, training platforms, event management systems and so much more.

Our expertise will be poured into your small business websites. You will find working with us a breath of fresh air.




Super Easy Web Design

Our web design process means that you will be speaking directly with the design and development team. Our Managing Director, Zoe, will personally take care of the management of your web design project. Zoe will help you to clarify your brief, keeping you on track and ensuring that the new website will deliver results from a commercial point of view. You won’t need to spend hours hammering our the perfect website design brief because we will advise you and let you know exactly what you need for your business.

If you need anything tricky like integrating with an estate agency feed, stock system or account – the chances are that we will find it quite simple.


Flexible websites

Flexible is our middle name (well not really!)…

Flexibility is, however, the key to success in any web design project.  You need the flexibility to see alternative ideas and we need the flexibility to explore a different approach if we feel it’s for the best. With this in mind our flexible process allows for you to see the designs for your website before it’s built and then for us to sit together with a prototype and explore any further improvements.

Our websites are perfectly flexible allowing for them to work across all devices and screen of different types.

Once your website is launched we have included heaps of flexibility for you to explore as your business grows. You will be able to publish unlimited pages, add/remove additional sections and move content up/down the page at the click of a button.. There are thousands of possible combinations of the web layouts which you simply drag and drop onto the page – all perfectly themed to your branding.

Your website could include: MailChimp, Google Analytics, Email forms, Google Maps, eCommerce , Testimonials, Blogs, third party integrations and much more.



website support

We will help you to understand how to make the most of your small business website. You are likely to have questions about hosting, domains, email, ongoing support, SEO and writing copy. Our help starts on day one as we work to support your project right through to post-launch. You will be supported directly by the team designing and building your website.

Throughout your web design project, we will explain to you our approach and design decisions, sharing our knowledge and allowing for the time you need to feedback and sign-off.

You will receive a full training session covering how to upload, manage and publish content including written guides.

Once the website is live we also include 12 weeks of complimentary support. We can also help with ongoing SEO, Digital marketing, printed design, hosting and ongoing support as you need.

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FREE! Digital Marketing Consultation

We’d love to help you. Together we will, audit your website, checkout your competitors and delve into your analytics. We will let you know the tricks you might be missing, help you to prioritise quick wins and work on a plan for the longer term potential.

Book your FREE Digital Marketing Consultation today. You will benefit from a clear action plan of how to improve your website and digital marketing with a good understanding of the potential return for your business. This is a completely complimentary service – no purchase required!

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