Small business website for The Early Bird

Inspired by the vibrant Australian brunch culture, The Early Bird was born in 2019 with a vision to create a hub in Plymouth where people of all ages can enjoy great food.

The client tasked b:web to create a completely fresh interactive website for them which would be friendly, dynamic and easy-to-use. They have a very recognisable brand and hundreds of great photos from their very active Instagram account . We used those images liberally throughout the site and integrated a live Instagram feed into the home page to ensure that every visit is different.

earlybird mockup 1
earlybird logo
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earlybird icons
earlybird lifestyle 4
earlybird lifestyle 3
earlybird mockup 4

Website design solution

We combined parallax animated backgrounds with the client’s own content to produce an eye-catching website that is flexible enough to grow with the company over the next few years.

The content management system needed to be easy and quick to use so that the client could update the menu and store availability on the fly. The WordPress back-end was carefully organised to achieve this, with all of the editable features contained within easy-to-find menus.

earlybirdcafe co uk copy